Born in Alexandria of Egypt, Ohanna pays tribute to thousands of years of human civilization. It is founded in the very place that endured years and years of oppressive rulers and foreign conquerors, yet gave birth to some of the world’s brightest minds and history’s bravest figures.

We celebrate our uniqueness, diversity, and beauty through our detailed and versatile modern designs. By offering an opportunity to express distinction and audacity Ohanna nurtures the harmony between what was and what can be.

Our clothing line embody the metamorphosis of Ancient Egyptian designs from temple wall art to modern patterns and refined motifs. We make clothes for the modern woman, the working woman, the playful woman, the woman that is both strong and soft, the woman that wants to be comfortable and glamorous.

We believe that passion, confidence, and the courage to challenge existing systems were all key ingredients to the recipe for change. After all, we would all still be in our caves dwelling upon our winter stock had it not been for the the skeptic few who decided to step out and try different ways to be.